FlashStock Technology Inc.


The platform ingests your brand's visual identity, guidelines, and strategy



Submit your content requirements and scenarios directly in the platform



Receive content made specifically for you in 3-4 weeks


All of Your Content in One Spot

Central access to all your projects

Organized by briefs and campaigns

Tag and comment on your content

platform images

Calibrate Your Brand's Visual Identity

Ensure a consistent look and feel

Custom moodboard for your brand

Content follows your brand governance


Submit Your Creative Briefs

Add your specs and requirements

Follow a structured brief template

Give the right details to the right person

platform review comments

Your Briefs Get Smarter Every Time

Rate your briefs, photos, and videos

Save contributors to your roster

Machine learning makes your briefs smarter


What countries or cities does your network cover? . . .

Our photographer and videographer network covers 200+ markets. We have boots on the ground on every continent to make hyper-localized content a reality.

What rights do I have for Flashstock content? . . .

As a Flashstock client, you'll have exclusive rights to all content on all channels.

Will you resell my content to other parties? . . .

Never! Our clients retain exclusive rights to all content, so it's only ever used by your brand.

Can I specify product or people specifications in the images/videos? . . .

Yep! Using our simple brief template you can specify people and product requirements in each brief, along with suggested scenarios, environments, technical specifications, and things to avoid in photos or videos.

Do you also create videos? . . .

You bet! If one picture is worth a thousand words, one video must be worth a million. We create a range of content formats, including short videos, GIFs, Cinemagraphs, 360 videos & photos as well as Snapchat 3V videos!

How many people can access the platform? . . .

As many as you want! Your brand administrator can set up as many users as you like, as well as control access to specific briefs. This means that you can efficiently and easily collaborate with your team or agency on our platform, be it downloading, commenting, or archiving.

How long does it take from brief to content delivery? . . .

Anywhere between 3-4 weeks, depending on complexity of the brief. Brief us while planning your next campaign, then log in to our platform to see and download all your content in just a few weeks.