FlashStock Technology Inc.

The Ideal Solution

McDonald's needed the ability to scale imagery and videos at a reasonable price. 

Flashstock helped place them in the top quadrant of similar companies in an experiment conducted with multiple creative vendors.

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Toasty Vibes

Quiznos wanted to find a solution that would give a large quantity of high quality photos at a reasonable price. On top of that, Quiznos has locations all across North America, so there needed to be a more efficient way of doing localized shoots.

After a few platform demos with the Flashstock team, best practices and competitor research, and many internal discussions, she realized that scaling content creation would be possible for Quiznos.

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32% Cost Savings

Dwight needed a solution that would eliminate the majority of his time spent on the planning and execution of content creation, and would provide enough quality custom images for his Facebook ad campaigns.

After learning about the Flashstock solution, Dwight realized there was an easier way to create quality and quantity content for FlipBelt. Flashstock’s business model made sense for FlipBelt’s team, needing to produce results at a very high rate.

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