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The 3 Benefits of Increasing Your Content’s Speed to Market with Technology

Today’s digital marketing guru is in an ongoing race to become top of mind in mobile news feeds. Every day is a new opportunity to connect with prospective customers, and every opportunity requires fresh content to make that connection.

However, there are thousands of digital marketers just like you attempting to forge relationships with those same users by creating content of their own. To put it bluntly, you have a ton of competition out there and only seconds to capture people’s attention.

Here are some interesting behavioral stats that should impact your plans for content.

People want more visualized content, and they want to browse at their own convenience on any number of devices. High demand means high expectations, and your digital marketing team needs enough content to connect with today’s tuned-in millennial generation.

How can you increase your creative output of content without sacrificing quality? Incorporating technology into your creative process helps you become agiler so you can deliver more creatives to the market.

Let’s dive into some of those tricks of the trade.

Earn More Engagement From Your Audience

Research indicates that users post over 300 million photos to Facebook and another 80 million to Instagram every day. If you factor in the number of brands engaging with their respective audiences via social media, the amount of content consumed on a daily basis is, to say the least, staggering.

There’s a very simple reason why marketers are shifting towards visual content first mentalities. An infographic created by the team at KISSmetrics summarizes this trend plainly and simply - photos get more audience engagement than the average non-visualized content.

Source: KISSmetrics

Source: KISSmetrics

Become more agile with technology

Given the massive amount of content consumed on social media, it’s imperative for your digital marketing team to get high-quality content into social news feeds as soon as possible. You want to stunning photography (or videography) that captures your audience’s attention as they scroll through mobile in search of new content.

Technology streamlines your content creation process, without sacrificing quality, so you can go to market with more content at faster rates. Utilizing a content as a service platform allows you to expand the reach of your digital marketing team to all corners of the world. A digital extension of your team results in more fresh authentic content without straining internal resources.

The experts you connect with via technology focus exclusively on gathering the types of content that will reinforce your brand’s visual identity. These assets are then uploaded into your platform and accessible for any campaign you choose to run.

This streamlined process allows you to engage with your audience when they’re on their phones in what’s known as “discovery mode.” Mobile behavior means people are always checking their phones for new information presented in visually appealing styles. Your goal as a digital marketer is to make your branded content stand out from other assets within mobile feeds.

Own Hashtags To Expand Brand Visibility

Hashtags are metadata tags that align specific pieces of content to broader themes or trends that are viral on social media.

Hashtags make your content more discoverable and subsequently drive greater audience engagement. Take a look at some of the data accumulated by the team at Branex to see the power of using hashtags in your content.

Source: Branex

Source: Branex

Become the top brand associated with a hashtag

Hashtags are commonly used by personal users and other digital marketers for one simple reason. They help expose your content to more people and expand your brand’s social network.

Think of how beneficial a strong relationship with a hashtag could be for your brand. People who search for specific hashtags will see your brand repeatedly appear in the results of those searches, and associate your brand identity with their own search intents of those hashtags.

To achieve that goal, you need enough content to fulfill your objective. Increasing your creative output by using technology results in more content, which means more social promotions, more thematic ties to hashtags and, by extension, more brand exposure.

But before you try to own every hashtag on the web, take a little time to research the themes that are most relevant to your brand identity. Sprout Social has a great example of how marketers representing coffee brands took time to align their content with viable hashtags that would increase their visibility. Follow a similar strategy for your own marketing plans.

Once you’ve identified hashtags aligned with your brand, calibrate your visual identity within your technological platform to create content for those hashtags. Ramp up your creative output by submitting numerous briefs into the platform to create more visual content at faster rates. As creatives are uploaded, own the hashtags and boost your brand visibility.

More Branded Content Increases Brand Recall

Fresh content is uploaded to social media every day. Given that people’s mobile feeds are bombarded by announcements from thousands of brands on a daily basis, you need to make your brand stand out in those feeds.

To make impressions on more people at more frequent periods of time, you need more content to increase the visibility of your brand.

Forbes partnered with IPG Media Lab and Syracuse University to conduct a quantitative study entitled “Storytelling: The Current State of Branded Content.” The study, initially conducted in 2013 and again in 2016, proved that branded content had a positive impact on ad recall, brand favorability, and purchase intent among participants in the study.

Source: Forbes

Source: Forbes

More content = greater recall

Given that branded content clearly moves the needle on brand recall, it makes perfect sense to create as much custom content as possible.

How do you keep your creative output moving forward? The answer is to invest in the kinds of technology that help you create content at scale.

But the key is to use a platform that includes a calibration model. This ensures the creatives uploaded into your platform are aligned with your brand and visual identity. The Forbes study demonstrates that branded content improves audience perception of your brand. Creating content without a set of brand guidelines is definitively less effective than using a platform with built-in machine learning to keep all creatives on point.


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